Friendly Roofing is known for its reliable roofing projects that have served Chicago businesses for over 20 years. If you need a commercial roofer to do quality work, we’d love to help!

We offer roof repairs, roof replacements, waterproofing, and so much more. Contact a friendly specialist today and we’ll help you restore your roof!

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Commercial Roof Repair Chicago IL

Our emergency roof repair crew is here for you if your roof has been compromised. No matter the cause, we will get to you fast!. The roof will be inspected, assessed and any potential issues identified. Our team will then fix up any areas that need attention like flashing and seams so your roof is water tight. We are then going to stop further damage to your property by using roofing sealant or other methods as appropriate.

We want to ensure that your commercial roof is taken care of and looking great.

To make your investment worthwhile, and be sure that the roof you install stands the test of time, there are some key steps to take. Regular inspection, which is included in our professional service, is essential for finding any damage and stopping it from becoming bigger. We’ll also make sure your roof is draining properly, address drainage issues, clean gutters, and manage your maintenance plan – all this to ensure you have the ultimate peace of mind.

Friendly Roofing is the best choice for commercial roof replacement in Chicago and its surroundings.

With roofing projects, it isn’t uncommon to inherit an old building and have a roof that is past its prime. Friendly Roofing can help you decide if you need a new roof or different materials if the problem is with maintenance history. Finding a reliable commercial roofing contractor can be difficult, but as the Chicago-area experts you can count on, we guarantee that our inspections are up-front and honest. We’ll never ask you to spend money unnecessarily.

We specialize in commercial roof installation in Chicago.

If you’re looking to install a new roof on your commercial space, Friendly Roofing can be the one to turn to. With years of experience and high-quality materials, we’ll be able to provide the best possible solution that will last for decades!

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