Roof installation made easy.

Simply put — we believe that replacing your roof installation should be an easy and honest process. This is why we have created an experience to minimize your stress and keep your wallet in balance.

We don’t sell, we listen.

We truly believe that our customers should feel comfortable at all times. We won’t push you into anything you don’t want or need.

Our roof consultations are designed to understand your budget and to provide the right solution catered only to you.

We value honest pricing. We won’t try to trick or deceive you.

Our prices are transparent, and we never use deceptive pricing.

You should note that our roof replacement company does NOT use any tactics to gain an edge —we use integrity to sell our products.

After all, honesty is the best policy.

We work only with the best installers and products.

Your home is your most valuable asset. And so you should choose the right products that will stand the test of time.

However, the right product can only do so much. It is just as important, if not more, to have a dependable installer.

Our 23 years of experience have told us that fewer headaches for you, means fewer headaches for us.

Communication is everything.

We understand that you may need help during your roof replacement process. This is why we have an extensive customer care unit.

They will keep you updated during every step of the way, up until your project is completed.

You can feel comfortable knowing that there is someone who will always respond to your questions.

The King of Roof Warranties

We truly wanted to bring the best level of service to our customers, and so we created the “King of Roof Warranties.”

For further details on our roof replacement warranty, click here.

Your Satisfaction is Detrimental to Our Success.

We want to give you the best roof service possible.

Now you may be asking yourself why?

Well, it is simple …

When we succeed, our customers give us referral business from friends and family. This helps keep our marketing expenses low, which brings us some extra profit— the end goal of any company.

Our Customers Are Our Proof

We don’t expect you to believe anything without proof, so be sure to check out our testimonials page. It is automatically updated with the most recent reviews of Friendly Roofing.


We truly aim to bring the best level of service to our customers, and so we created the “King of Roof Warranties.”


Our prices are transparent, and we never use deceptive pricing.


We guarantee to satisfy your needs based on cost and level of service.

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We are a roof replacement company that has served the greater Chicago region and suburbs for over 23 years! We have earned a reputation of being the smoothest company out there. What this means is that we take out all of the headaches that come from getting your windows replaced.

Our roof sales representatives will not insult you with a 4 hour sales pitch or other sales tactics. Our roof replacement specialist will simply meet with you to educate you on our products, before sending a proposal.

We understand your needs and budget for your roofing project. And we will respect your home throughout the entire process.

Although we are based out of Winnetka, Illinois , our home roof installation service is used on many surrounding areas and suburbs of Chicago, IL. So don’t be afraid, and give us a call today.

Nobody does home roof replacement better than Friendly Roofing.


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